For large construction projects the “office trailer” can be considered the heart of the operation.

A mobile office is a pre-manufactured portable building that provides temporary office space for your commercial needs. Similar to a modular building, a mobile office is assembled in a controlled environment and delivered to a specific location. Local mobile office suppliers generally keep an inventory of mobile office trailers on hand. This makes them available with a quick turnaround.

If you need a workspace in a hurry for a temporary period of time, a mobile office is a practical and affordable solution.

Companies like ATR offers container offices for your job site, business, or temporary need. These job site office containers require zero time to set up. Once a container office is delivered, it’s ready to go! Because the container offices sit directly on the ground, there’s no assembly, stairs, or set up needed.

ATR offers their job site office trailers for sale or rent.

There are a number of industries that utilize temporary office trailers, such as construction, education, healthcare, warehousing, and manufacturing. This speaks to their versatility; office trailers are great for sales or administrative space, giving clerical staff and management a central base for operations, customer service, and planning. Office trailers are also beneficial as a shelter and home base for workmen, giving them a place to store their gear, warm up, cool down or take breaks.

Municipalities can require the use of construction trailers to be subject to permit proceedings. The City of Fremont, California, for example, publishes its permit requirements on its municipal website. Enclosed Cargo Trailers are a very popular tool used by many in the construction industry. Keeping equipment and materials clean and dry is a high priority to anyone that construction industry. These trailers are very user-friendly and are multipurpose. Hauling generators, ladders, air compressors and other small to medium sized power tools from one job site to the next is a necessity. Construction trailers are ordinarily moved by heavy trucks but may also be moved by rail.