A construction crew’s habiliments are their first line of defense against the heavy machinery of road construction and the elements. Construction zones are perilous: the Sun is unforgiving, engines rev at hundreds of degrees and caustic chemicals spew from exhaust pipes. It’s essential, to remain safe, that road crews wear thick reflective clothing and helmets. Clothing, helmets and orange signs, a relatively flimsy armor, is the only protection road crews afford from the perils of a construction zone.

Getting on a motorcycle without a helmet is unthinkable, it should be the same for when entering a construction zone. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), “employees working in areas where there is a possible danger of head injury from impact, or from falling or flying objects, or from electrical shock and burns, shall be protected by protective helmets.” It’s undeniable that helmets save lives. Helmets, much like clothing, should be a reflective orange color to increase visibility. No member of a road construction crew wants to be invisible.

Invisibility may be an awesome superpower, but it’s a liability on a construction site. “I’m always amazed how invisible people are on the side of the road,” a reader writes to Psychology Today. It’s true, as motorists zip along the highway, pedestrians become part of the blurred landscape, especially after dark. Construction crews spend much of their time along well-traversed thoroughfares, at night, reflective orange clothes allow construction crews to be visible to motorists. Construction crews must wear High Visibility Personal Protection Equipment (HV-PPE) while on site. These reflective habiliments have saved many lives by increasing visibility.

Reflective orange tape, adhered to metal signs, warns motorists of the forthcoming dangers. The iconic orange signs are as important to road construction crews as the helmets they wear – many lives have been saved by these dayglow orange reminders to slow down. Motorists must heed these warnings for the safety of everyone.

No matter the job, safety considerations are a must. A road construction crew’s clothing provides a thin layer of armor, and orange signs warn of the dangers ahead. Road crews must wear reflective material, for the safety of everyone.