Bridges are some of the most fascinating structures encountered along the open road. Each bridge is part of the American saga. It required American ingenuity to build these enigmatic structures. According to Mental Floss, nineteen workers fell from the Golden Gate Bridge during construction – onto a net – ingenious! The bridge’s architect and engineer foresaw the perils and insisted a net be installed below the structure. The workers fell due to wind, not negligence.

Expect to encounter construction signs along America’s highways. A recent report stated 9 percent of the nation’s bridges are structurally deficient. The bridges may not fall down, but they’re in dire need of repair. Concerned parties worry about the stability of bridge decks.

A recent report investigated the structural integrity of America’s bridges. Yearly, the Transportation Department conducts a survey of bridges. According to US News, an incredible 52,253 of America’s bridges require massive repairs; they’re unsafe for motorists. When placed end to end, the unsafe bridges span the distance between Miami and New York City. Moreover, all bridges are rated on a scale from zero to nine. Bridges rated below four are considered structurally deficient. Nine percent of the nation’s bridges are rated a four or below. Restoring these bridges will be a massive project, but the prospect of bridges falling into utter disrepair is much worse than any strain placed on taxes.

Iowa is said to possess the most structurally deficient bridges, but little is said of when they will be repaired. Moreover, California possesses five of the top ten structurally deficient bridges; these bridges are high traffic and in bad shape. It’s said that Americans are familiar with the faulty bridges – we cross them 174 million times, daily (US News), however, familiarity is no reason to allow the bridges to become unsafe for motorists.

During April, the state of Mississippi declared 83 bridges unsafe for motor travel. MDOT (The Mississippi Department of Transportation) isn’t to blame, the bridges aren’t the property of MDOT, they belong to Mississippi’s independent counties. Moreover, the Office of State Aid Road Construction is the department that provides funding and enforces federal guidelines for county-owned bridges. The Mississippi Department of Transportation is in the process of closing the unsafe bridges for repair.

It took American ingenuity to create bridges. These structures enigmatically hang from in the air. They’re the vein of American life; they keep us connected. It’s paramount to maintain these structures and keep them safe for all motorists.